Saturday, October 3, 2009

Why I Blog

I choose to blog about my passion because I believe that blogging is one of the most practical ways to express myself. Personally, I like to advertise my passion for Hip Hop, and blogging is a highly effective way to do it. Through blogging, I can share my feelings without being censored and without my writing being changed or edited. It is a way to directly share my very own thoughts with the public. Furthermore, through blogging, it is possible for me to share my ideas and communicate with other people who have the same interests as I do. In this way, I can connect with the public and receive useful feedback on my personal thoughts and ideas.

In addition to being a great way to express myself, blogging can help me learn more about my passion and the various opinions that the public has about it. I can go and visit another person’s blog and compare our views and preferences of hip hop dancing. I can discover new dance groups that I have never previously heard about or possibly a brand new style of hip hop. In this way, my thoughts and ideas will be constantly evolving and I will be able to expand my knowledge and perspectives on hip hop.

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