Thursday, October 15, 2009

Other Interests

You may think that I am not open to other forms of dance due to the fact that I am specifically blogging about hip hop dancing. If you believe so, you are incorrect. I deeply enjoy all other forms of dancing, specifically tap, jazz, and yes, even ballroom. Although my passion for these forms of dance may not compare to my undying craze for Hip Hop, I still entertain myself with them by attending the dance recitals of my comrades who take tap, jazz and ballroom lessons. I find their performances to be a breath of fresh air after months of strictly indulging myself in hip hop. If I had the time, I would love to explore these other forms of dance in greater detail.

To be honest, after hip hop, my favourite form of dance is tap. I can only imagine the amount of skill it must take to perfect the unique art of tap dancing. The combination of the complex rhythms and creative movements in this form of dancing never ceases to intrigue me. I was first introduced to the art when I was a small child, before I even knew what the words “hip” and “hop” meant. The attractive sounds that were made by the soles of the shoes instantly grabbed my attention. After expressing my interest in tap, my parents enrolled me in my very first dance class at the age of 7. Sadly, I did not possess the talent and skills necessary to continue with the lessons, and after several weeks, I quit. After this, my interest in tap died down and I began to learn about hip hop. From that point on, my passion for hip hop never died down.

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