Thursday, October 29, 2009


Throughout my blog, I have mostly written about the styles of hip hop that intrigue me. However, after recently witnessing certain dances that makes me question the future of hip hop, it inspired me to write a blog post about the styles or trends of hip hop that I absolutely abhor. Feel free to comment if you disagree.

Jerking – this new style of hip hop that has come to life in the last few months deeply disturbs me. Frankly, I don’t think it can even be called a dance. It simply involves one repetitive and overused dance step, which gets extremely tedious after a while. This dance was invented by “the New Boyz”, and was first introduced to the public through the music video of their hit single, You’re a Jerk. Click here to see what it looks like.

The "Souljaboy Dance" – Most people are already familiar with this dance, and as it was such a popular phenomenon, I understand that I will not receive much support on my opinion. Nevertheless, I am not afraid to say that I absolutely despise this dance. Invented by “Souljaboy Tellem’” and introduced to the public through his hit song Crank Dat, it is an unattractive style that disgraces hip hop, in my opinion. To get an idea of what the “Souljaboy Dance” is, click here.

Yes, I have often claimed to share an interest in all forms of hip hop, however these two dances are my exceptions. I believe that dances like these are the reason that hip hop is not taken as seriously as the other forms of dance. Again, for the viewers of my blog, feel free to leave a comment if you believe that I am mistaken. I value your opinion.

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