Thursday, October 29, 2009

Music That I Like to Dance To

The music that a person dances to greatly affects the performance. Personally I like to dance to upbeat, fast tunes. I find that my dynamic style greatly benefits from fast rhythms. Furthermore, I enjoying dancing to songs that have distinctive sound effects that clearly mark the tempo of the song, so that it is easy for me to stay synchronized with the music and possible for me to emphasize my movements on certain beats to match the rhythm.

A list of songs that I have performed a hip hop routine to, or that I would like to perform to, include:

ü Walking on the Moon – by The Dream

ü Freeze – by T-Pain

ü Nobody – by Ne-Yo

ü Potion – by Ludacris

ü Yeah – by Usher

ü Forever – by Drake

ü I Can Transform You – by Lil Wayne

ü You’ll Find a Way Remix – by Santigold

ü Sugar – by Keri Hilson

ü On to the Next One – by Jay-Z

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