Sunday, September 27, 2009

Song Comparison Assignment

2nd Comparison - Say You Will by Kanye West vs. Say What's Real by Drake

The song Say You Will was written and sung by Hip Hop icon Kanye West in 2008. This song is about Kanye’s love struggle between himself and another woman. Kanye expresses his frustration and sorrow over this woman in the song and conveys a feeling of isolation from the world. Around four months later, Drake created the song Say What’s Real, with the same beat as Kanye’s song. Similar to Say You Will, Drake vents about his feelings on life. His lyrics and tone of voice express a mood that greatly resembles Kanye’s song. Just like Kanye, Drake conveys feelings of seclusion in Say What’s Real, which can be depicted from the first few lyrics of the song. He begins by saying, “why do I feel so alone, like everybody passing through the studio is in character as if we acting out a movie role.” This theme is consistent throughout the song, much like Say You Will. I believe that Drake chose to use Kanye’s beat for this reason. Say You Will, which was popularized before Drake’s version, conveyed feelings of loneliness and frustration. Drake chose to use the same beat so that his song would be associated with the same feelings.

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