Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Passion

Dancing is my passion. I love to dance. Frankly, everything about hip hop culture intrigues me, but hip hop dancing has always been my number one hobby. I have been dancing for about 5 years now unprofessionally, and i am currently a part of my school's hip hop team. We enter about two competitions yearly and I hope for success during this season. Last year, we set the bar pretty high with our "Freeze" performance, coming first in both competitions, and scoring the highest mark of the day in both. This performance combined a number of different styles of hip hop, including tutting, popping, krumping, and break-dancing. Personally, I appreciate all forms and styles of hip hop, but I have taken a particular liking to popping, (my specialty). I idolize the Electric Boogaloos, the legendary group who made popping mainstream. I hope to one day see myself at their level and possibly bring this style of hip hop back into the spotlight.

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