Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The Electric Boogaloos
As I have already mentioned this old-school hip hop group, you might have figured out that i admire this dance crew and all their works. The Electric Boogaloos (originally called the Electric Boogaloo Lockers) was one of the legendary dance crews of the 70's. These dancers were the first to establish the unique art of popping and its many variations. They set the stage for all the future hip hop icons and should be credited for many of the classic dance moves/styles that we see today. The group was originally established in 1977 by Tick'n Will Green, Darnell "Twist-o-Flex Don" McDowell and "Boogaloo Sam" in Fresno, California. When Boogaloo Sam left Fresno, California to Long Beach in 1978, he formed the new group and changed the name to "The Electric Boogaloos". After the group's first TV performance in November 1978 on the TV show called "Hot City," the crew "blew up" and entered the spotlight.
Although it is not documented, Boogaloo Sam (often considered the leader of the group) is known to be the original creator of the popping and boogaloo style of dance. By popularizing certain classic moves such as the jerk, the robot, and the puppet, Boogaloo Sam is seen as the "Father of Popping".

BOOGALOO SAM: The creator of popping.
POPIN PETE: Younger brother of Boogaloo Sam.
TICKIN DECK: The other younger brother of Sam.
ROBOT DANE: Joined the team after Sam beat him in a battle.
PUPPET BOOZER: Famous for "the puppet style" that he learned from Sam.
CREEPIN SID: Inspired by the dance group, Sid came all the way from Arkansas to learn how to boogaloo.
SCARECROW SCULLEY: Learned the "scarecrow" style from Sam and perfected it.
DARRYL (KING COBRA): Creator of the style snaking.
GEORGE (KING RATTLER): One of Long Beach's first poppers.

For any more information about The Electric Boogaloos, visit their official website.

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