Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Future Ambitions

My dream job is to be a professional dancer. I have been dancing for about seven years now, and I am sure that I would enjoy doing it for the rest of my life. When I grow up, I hope to have a profession that I will enjoy, and dancing allows me to enjoy life to the fullest.

Although this goal seems impossible to accomplish, I’m still doing all I can to achieve it. For example, I practice dance every day for at least half an hour in the hopes of improving my techniques. Every so often, I try to branch out and learn different styles so that I know a little bit of everything. In addition, I am a part of my school dance team (Dynamic), and I am enrolled in a senior level competitive class at a nearby dance studio. Some would think that being on two separate dance teams at once would be hectic, but that’s just how passionate I am about hip hop. I hope that my endeavours will one day lead to success.

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