Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Justin Timberlake

Every girl wants him, and very guy wants to be him. While having the music industry in a choke-hold, this talented singer has been able to take up dancing as well. Performing in a number of his music videos and concerts, Justin Timberlake has won the hearts of many hip hop dancers around such as myself.

Justin Randall Timberlake was born on January 31, 1981, in the city of Memphis, Tennessee. Most popular for his singing, Justin Timberlake is known to be one of the most successful musicians of all time. He got his big break when he appeared as a contestant of Star Search, and went on to star in the Disney Channel television series The New Mickey Mouse Club. Soon after, he and four others formed the world renowned boy band, ‘N Sync. Selling over 55 million albums in total, this boy band was extremely successful. In 2005, the group broke up due to creative differences. Nevertheless, Timberlake was still active in the music industry, more than any of the other former ‘N Sync members. He produced a number of music videos, most of which featured himself dancing. Today, Timberlake remains active in pop-culture, making guest appearances here and there and occasionally being featured on the songs of other musicians.

I have been a fan of Justin Timberlake for quite a while. I have always admired (and envied) him for his amazing talent for dancing and singing, which are two of my favourite hobbies. I have learned a lot from him over the years by observing his dance routines in his music videos. His articulation and style are flawless, and after all these years he continues to astonish me. Justin Timberlake has always been an inspiration to me, and always will be.

To catch a glimpse of JT in action, check out this video.

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